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Travis is an accomplished jury advocate having appeared in numerous jury trials before the New South Wales District Court, Northern Territory Supreme Court and Australian Capital Territory Supreme Court. Further, Travis has appeared in many judge-alone trials in the Australian Capital Territory.

Travis maintains a multi-jurisdiction practice and appears for both the Crown and Defence in trial and appellate matters.

In addition to trial work, Travis has appeared in many appellate matters in the Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales for both Respondents and Appellants.

Prior to coming to the Bar, Travis was a Senior Criminal Lawyer  the North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency. He also appeared in summary matters in the various Local Courts of the Northern Territory.

Further, in the Northern Territory, Travis appeared for Respondent’s in applications bought by the Attorney-General for a declaration that the Respondent be declared as a High-Risk/Serious Sex Offender or to be declared as a Drug Trafficker.

Before that Travis was a Crown Prosecutor for the Northern Territory (in Alice Springs) and Australian Capital Territory Directors of Public Prosecutions’s and appeared as prosecuting counsel before juries in trials before the Supreme Courts there, appeals, applications for prerogative relief, prosecutions brought by regulatory bodies, appeared for the applicant in Confiscations of Criminal Assets and appeared as counsel assisting the coroner in Coronial proceedings.

Whilst the majority of Travis’s practice is criminal matters he also accepts briefs in common law, family law and civil matters especially those with complex forensic and evidentiary issues.

Selected cases Travis has conducted:

Booth v Fourmeninapub Pty Ltd [2020] NSWCA 57 appeared for the Respondent as junior counsel (led by LD Robison) – Definition of injury under the Workers Compensation Act, disease versus pre-disposition to disease, error of law vs error of fact and law, distinction between further and fresh evidence on appeal. Appeal dismissed.

Rotumah v Watkinson [2019] NTSC 32 – Appeared for the Respondent – Successful Defence appeal on manifest excess and prosecution overcharging (Unled).

Sanderson v Rabuntja (2014) 33 NTLR 205 – Appeared for Appellant – Successful Prosecution appeal on the construction of s.18 of the Evidence Act (Unled).

Gillard v The Queen 229 A Crim R 224 – Appeared for the Respondent as junior counsel (led by HK Dhanji SC) in regards to a conviction appeal from a trial by jury and a sentence appeal before the ACT Court of Appeal.

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Admitted at the Bar: 2019
Supreme Court of NSW: 2007

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