Dr Michael Eburn

Burley Griffin Chambers


Dr Michael Eburn is an expert on the law relating to emergency services and emergency management. You can see details of his work on his public blog Australian Emergency Law at https://emergencylaw.wordpress.com/

Dr Eburn has a Bachelor of Laws from UNSW, a Master of Laws from the University of Newcastle (Australia) and a PhD from Monash University. He has 25+ years’ experience as a university academic first at the University of New England (Armidale) and then at the Australian National University (Canberra). He is the author of Emergency Law (4th Ed, Federation Press, 2013) and was an original contributing author to Hayes and Eburn’s Criminal Law and Procedure in NSW (now in its 6th ed, Lexis/Nexis). Details of his academic work can be found here https://emergencylaw.wordpress.com/publications/ and here https://law.anu.edu.au/people/michael-eburn

Dr Eburn runs an advice only practice. His experience and extensive writing mean he is well equipped to provide comprehensive advice and efficient, technical skilled legal research particularly in the areas of emergency services, emergency management and emergency response but also in criminal law and health law and practice.

If you have a complex legal problem that needs focussed, efficient and practical research skills to produce a comprehensive and comprehensible advice, please contact Dr Eburn via the clerk or details below.

Contact Details

Phone: (02) 6230 6912

Practice Areas

Professional negligence
Work injury damages

Work health and safety

Disciplinary proceedings